the HAES® files: On the Cushion and Off the Hook — An Exploration of Yoga, Meditation, and Body Positivity

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by Rachel Smith

I remember the exact moment when I realized that real growth had nothing at all to do with the size of my body. I was sitting in a meditation center with my teacher, listening to him answer questions as I worked to let go of the constant, body-shaming, diet-obsessed, “I will never be good enough,” noise in my head. I took a deep breath, one of many as I had been practicing regular meditation for quite a while at that point, and I felt something release in my heart. A huge sense of freedom and relief rushed through my body. “Oh,” I thought. And that was it. As clear as day, I knew in no uncertain terms that I was fundamentally OK exactly as I was in that moment. The trauma and drama in my head just dissolved, and not in the way I thought it would…

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Haiku Friday

It’s March in Denver. Time to be thinking of getting the garden ready to plant, spring bulbs are popping through and little birds make excited passes outside the window. I’m ready. I’m tired on the frigidly cold Old Man Winter. It’s time for him to hibernate until next winter.


excited birds chirping

warm breezes pushing winter

spring is on the way

Haiku Friday

This week I am wracked with a deep, dry cough and the feeling of my little sister’s ass plopped down on the center on my chest. A vision I know but an experience I have felt in the past. Heavy lungs, leaving me gasping and panting from any little exertion and if I draw in to deep of a breath, I start hacking once again. Needless to say, my inspiration this week came from being sick in bed.


minty cherry drops

help to stop my hacking cough

gaggling geese fly by

Haiku Friday

Denver has returned to wintertime after a winter filled with many springlike days. I find it peaceful when we get lots of snow. It muffles and quiets the sounds of the city while creating an unspoiled landscape. The blanketing white inspired this weeks Haiku Friday.


gently swirling flakes

creating a blank canvas

an artist’s daydream

Poetry Day 9: The Lifescape of You

Day 9 of poetry writing brings the prompts landscape, found poetry and enumeratio. Exciting because I got out old magazines, scissors and glue to create my found piece of found poetry. Enumeratio is merely making a list within the poem. Big word for list!

In keeping with the theme and idea of my blog, I explored the landscape or “lifescape” of you. I hope you like my attempt.


The Lifescape of You

a poem about life and you