About Me

About me…

I always hate writing the about me part. I always struggle with tooting my own horn and lack the ability to see what about me could be interesting enough for another to read.

I am a scarred spirit in a world filled with other suffering spirits. My life has been better than many and worse than others. I consider myself lucky in many ways, even when dealing with past trauma.

I seek peace in a world of chaos and confusion. The struggles within, color the world outside. My ultimate goal to find happiness, purpose and meaning in this life before I start the cycle over in another.

Creating this blog, serves as a tool in the search for serenity and works to sooth my soul when lack of understanding threatens to decimate my fight for clarity. The struggles written about here, showcase the fight for the answers to the question why. Some fact, some fiction, all posts work towards the goal of settling the voices in my head on the path to enlightenment.

I welcome you on this journey. Maybe you seek the same answers or have questions of your own. You are welcome to join, to aid and take away what you need or give where you can. We live in a place where solitary journeys rarely give the answers sought. Instead, strength comes in the love and understanding of those who seek to love beyond themselves.


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