WP Discover Challenge: A Piece of Advice

Recently I read quotes from Wes Angelozzi and Sanaya Roman about better ways to live our lives. These quotes and the WP Discover Challenge helped to inspire my piece of advice poem “Love & Acceptance.” 

Wes Angelozzi Quote
The Coast of Ireland. Photo by Heidi Medina. All Rights Reserved.

Love & Acceptance

Embrace me for all that I am, not as you perceive me. 

Recognize me for who I am, not what you think I should be.

Love me for me, not what you want me from me.

View me as I am now, not who I was. 

Accept my faults, as I am not perfect.

Empower me to be me, because it makes us both stronger.

Think positive, because negative will not do.

Live for the now, because it’s all we’ve got. 

Sanaya Roman Quote
Daisies in Italy. Photo by Heidi Medina. All Rights Reserved.

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