Land of the Forbidden

Daily Prompt: Forbidden

Don’t do that. Keep off the grass. No loitering. Don’t go to fast. Be home by 10. You can’t. Don’t do drugs. Don’t drive too fast. Stop.

We live a world of the forbidden. It is supposed to protect us. Make us feel safe. But in the end, I only feel smothered.

The majority of the things I’m told not to do are often good for me and the things permitted often are bad. We live in a society where governments, corporations and religion attempt to keep simple thought to none. Because they want people to follow them blindly, without question. Questions are forbidden. Curiosity is discouraged. And free thought is the devil’s work.

We live in a society of fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what could happen. Fear of not having enough. Fear of not fitting in. Fear of everything being taken away.

How is it healthy to live in a society of the forbidden? Telling people they can’t do something only implies limitations. Limitations create fear. Limitations stop progress.

And yet I see things that should be forbidden become a main part of society. Lying, cheating, screwing people over to advance one’s self, violence, the rich getting richer while the poor becoming poorer, corporations hiding the truth, corrupt politicians, food that kills and so much more are an accepted part of life. Why are these things okay? Why are they not forbidden? Why do we discourage free thought but accept these horrible things?

Life is simple. Live well. Love Well. Stop forbidding me from living my life, my way.


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