Shankill Beach ocean, beach and cliffs
Location: Shankill Beach, Shankill, Dublin, Ireland. 2016.

Daily Writing Prompt: Life Musings

Today’s one word Daily Prompt is Island.

I watch the grey clouds building outside the window. The day started off nice with glimpses of sunshine and blue sky. Now it’s changing to wind and rain.

Ireland is an island. It’s also a place where the weather changes minute by minute and you go out dressed layers, prepared for both the best and worst possible scenarios. It can quite literally go from beautiful weather to pouring down cold rain and back to beautiful warm weather over the course of five minutes.

I’m enjoying Ireland. Not only is it a beautiful place, but it’s friendly. The people are lovely. It’s a place where I can say hello to someone on the street and they will say hello back, instead of looking at me like I might be a serial killer or asking them for something.

Ireland is a place where my looks don’t stand out. I fit right in. No one gives me strange looks over my pale skin, red hair and freckles. It’s nice to fit in. I realize I am still a unique individual but here on this island it’s nice not to stand out so much.

The struggles of not fitting in I’ve experienced over the past year of traveling, makes me more aware of the struggles of my friends who are truly experiencing the struggles of society not accepting them for who they are. While I feel deeply the ugly looks, nasty words and crappy treatment of those who choose to shun me for being different, I realize my struggles are not remotely as hard as those of my gay, lesbian, transgender, Muslim and non-white friends (I don’t like the word minority. It indicates someone is less than someone else just because of their skin color).

I don’t understand humanity. Everyone is different in their own way. Everyone has issues. Everyone wants to feel love and acceptance, no matter what race, class, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or tribe. With that need in mind, why is it that so many people are unwilling to accept others for who they are? It’s a question that constantly plagues my mind. Why can’t we all just get along?

You’re taught as a child to share while in the sand box, but the adult sand box is all about grabbing as much as you can, while throwing sand at the other people. It’s about building sand castles with high walls to hide behind. It’s about isolation. It’s about living on an island surrounded only by those we deem fit enough to remain on our island and excluding anything that doesn’t fit what is deemed “right.”

It’s okay not to like everyone around you. It’s okay not to have them all in your life. BUT if you are excluding them for the reasons of who they are or who they represent without getting to know them, then it’s wrong.

I don’t like everyone I meet. I’ve also had people come and go from my life. They fit for a moment or for a while or are still in it. But I do choose the people in my life because of who they are, what their moral values are and sometimes just because we get along. If I don’t like you, it’s just because I don’t like you. Either you did something to make me not like you or our personalities just don’t mesh. As far as choosing you based on your race, class, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or tribe, I really could care less.

And while I could go on, I will end my discussion of islands here.


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