Blue with Teddy

Discover Challenge: Fiction

“It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last,” Suzie sighed as she stared down at the yellow puddle on the floor. 

The new puppy cocked its head, watching her carefully. A slightly guilty expression crossed its soft blue eyes. Suzie gently scolded the grey pup, while grabbing a new roll of paper towels off the counter.

Potty training wasn’t on Suzie’s mind when she picked out the cute little bundle of energy from the pound. Already busy with work, life and trying to get ahead of the bills, kept her busy enough. But loneliness won out.

After Frank left, she was tired of lonely nights, sitting on the sofa watching reruns. “No,” she thought, “better to clean up the mess than be alone.” At least she gained the added benefits of getting more exercise and a cozy bed warmer. And nonjudgmental love and acceptance when she came home. Shaking her head, Suzie pulled herself up and headed into the kitchen to find food.

After dumping kibble into the puppy’s bowl, she turned to the fridge to see what she was eating. Another lean night because she didn’t feel like stopping at the store. Cereal and milk it was. No fuss, no muss. Tomorrow she would make more of an effort to stop. After all, she had made a vow to herself to eat better.

“It’s harder to cook for one,” she mused over the crunching of cereal and kibble. Dinner eaten, she grabbed the leash and the puppy, heading out the door. Cool night air greeted them. Perfect walking weather.

Two blocks down, Suzie groaned, as she watched the pup pooping in the neighbor’s flowerbed. She’d left the cleanup bags lying on the counter as they left. “Oh well. Guess I’ll be hearing it from Ms. Peeler tomorrow. I’ll bring her home cookies from the bakery.” Suzie ruffled leaves and dirt over the poop, hoping to disguise her mistake.

A few blocks later, the pup lead the way into the house. Suzie quickly unclipped the leash and headed off for a warm shower. She hoped to get rid of the stress knot riding tightly in the back of her neck.

Ten minutes later, feeling better, she stepped out of the now lukewarm spray and shuffled across the floor. As her foot slipped in a warm puddle, she yelped. Looking around, she yelled at the offending pup. Shaking her head, she thought “it wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last.”

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