Day 8 of poetry, finds me running a day behind. This week has just been like that. As I am sure you have assumed by now, this is yesterday’s poem, although I will have today’s posted on time.

Drawer, odes and apostrophes make Day 8’s prompts. I remember reading Greek ode’s back in the day and of course the famous works of John Keats but have to admit to never attempting this type of prose myself. I am also not sure my attempt is a true representation but it is what came to mind today, so here it is. Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.


The Drawer

My drawer, my box, my place of hidden uncertainties

                You keep my secrets, my lies,

                                My undies all hid from sight.

My drawer, my suitcase, my coffer of life

                You slide in and out, divulging, obscuring,

                                Offering to barricade me from prying eyes.

My drawer, my mind, my dark filing cabinet

                You keep me sane, while covering the inane

                                And keeping me contained.

My drawer, my baggage, my time capsule

                It’s your embracing protection

                                That stashes the messiness of my life.


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