Yes, I have skipped Day 6 of poetry writing. I will have to go back and catch up after a wonderful day of hanging out with my hubby, I did not get a poem wrote for Day 6. Day 7 is all about fingers, prose and assonance. Assonance is using repetition of vowels close to each other.

I started out with a beautiful little loving poem but it soon moved on to something else. I would love to hear what you think.


Life without Fingers

Curious fingers. Loving fingers. Searching fingers. Soothing fingers. Giving fingers. Life without fingers would suck. Touching fingers. Discovering fingers. Hurting fingers. Exciting fingers. No fingerprints left on the glass. Feeling but no touching. Supple fingers making delicate love, creating gourmet dishes, playing sweet sweet music or planting growing green things. Cuddling baby could be done but exploring cute little toes just wouldn’t be as fun. Impossible and sadly cast, no buttons, contacts, gloves or fingernail polish, although hangnails would be a thing of the past. While ten fingers are best, any fingers at all are luckier than none, because life without fingers would suck.


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