Poetry Day 5 finds me with fog, elegies, and metaphors. It took me a bit to come up with one for this one, I almost gave up but conquered in the end and came up with something.

I look forward to your thoughts and comments.

Fog Lost

Fog rolls over the bog of my mind;

The emptiness brings a sense of peaceful confusion.

Murky images swim, just out of focus:

My essence fades.

Searching deep into the dark depths,

I struggle to find who I am.

I weep, I scream, I mourn,

The loss of my memory, my sanity.

Locked up in here all alone:

My prison, my home, my mind.

Fog waves lap over, filling the void,

Until nothing of me remains.

I function in a state of befuddlement,

Where I’ve lost my mind or my mind lost me.

No one mentioned getting old would be like this;

I want to return to my younger bliss.

Sunny days, sectioned by sparkling nights:

No fog bank in sight.





12 thoughts on “Poetry Day 5: Fog Lost

  1. I just came across your blog and your ‘about me’ piece struck me along with this poem. I connected with it. Today’s world is indeed a chaos and it is much harder to find your way in it. Nicely written. 🙂

    B. at http://www.tobepoets.nl

  2. beautiful. simply beautiful.
    you’ve never been old before- ’tis an adventure. walk into the fog, lose yourself in it… you may discover a new facet to you you’ve never seen before… xx

    love n light

  3. Where I lost my mind or my mind lost me … As writers it’s where we go… ( I’m learning this place and thats okay..Beautiful words love that is tells a human journey…

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