Day 2 of Writing 201: Poetry is all about limericks, alliteration and the writing prompt journey. I have never tried writing limericks before but have to admit it is one of the most fun kinds of poetry I have written. I worked on the alliteration but not so sure I succeeded there completely, will continue working there.

Your thoughts and comments are very welcome on my little ditty.


I once saw a Rastafarian bloke ringed in smoke.

Baiting a hook, he chuckled and joked.

Laidback and on a mission,

He started his fishing expedition.

Drawing in deeply, he choked on his toke.


He tossed his line into the brine.

Straightening his spine, he watched for a sign.

His twine soon broke.

His fishing revoked,

He reclined under a pine, pondering better times.


Rainbows and unicorns appeared, painted in tie-dye;

As he sucked on his bong, earning a welcome high.

Fate decided, still misguided,

He stood up and collided

With supple thigh of a dreadlocked diva and her evil eye.


14 thoughts on “Writing 201: Day 2 – A Smoking Ditty

      1. I am really happy you did! I just read some of your haiku (my favorite is Blue Beginnings from 1/31) , and really enjoy how you are able to capture such a volume of a moment in such a tiny form. Really great stuff, and I look forward to reading more!

      2. Thank you! I do love writing haikus because you have to say so much in just a small amount of words. Although, I do tend to take the modern approach which is not set to the 5-7-5 rule.

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