The first thoughts in my head this morning as I rolled over were “that was a weird dream.” Then I started musing how much of our dreams are real and how much are fiction.

I have had foretelling dreams in the past. Of course I did not realize they were speaking of the future until after the events happened as they happened in my dream. So does that make them foretelling or me just blind to the fact that my subconscious was trying to warn and I ignored it. But then again how is it possible for the subconscious to know about things before they happen?

Other times, my dreams have worked out the answer to something I am working on. Proof my brain really never stops working, even while it is supposed to be taking a break for rest and relaxation. Tell that to my brain! It does not really listen to me but does its own thing.

And of course others are complete fantasy and fiction. Sometimes they portray something I am afraid off or just complete off the wall stuff. I just hate when I forget the completely weird stuff right after I wake up because I know it would make great stories to write, but it evaporates so fast I am left with the feeling of something awesome but left with nothing to report. Brain betrayal, I call it, since the brain did not record the dream.

If I look around online, I find plenty of dream translation sites. My therapist used to help me translate some of the symbolism in my dreams as well. If paying attention, one can find a lot of deep meaning in dreams that makes a lot of sense. I have also found plenty of answers in my dreams.

I have a theory that dreams are part of our sixth sense. The brain sends them to us to help us with things we are working on or to forewarn us, in attempts to protect us. The problem is the brain sends the messages in such convoluted forms, we need a translator in attempts to translate what the hidden message is. I keep telling my brain just to spell it out for me in simple form instead of sending the riddle but it does not listen to me, just like this morning. What a weird dream!

Now I will spend the day trying to figure out the message…



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