I am running a day behind on getting started with the WordPress Blogging 201 classes for Marketing and Branding. Spent the day with hubby instead of blogging, a nice distraction but now it is catchup time.

The first assignment is to set three goals for what I want to accomplish and achieve with my blog. I never really thought about goals for this blog. My cooking blog is the one I really want to catapult out of the universe with hits and readers. This one was setup as a way to vent and work out my issues. But as time as gone on, it has become a place to experiment and try out new things, while still working on my issues.

I used to be great at social media. That was the days of Myspace. I kinda got jaded at the prospect of just continuing to gain numbers of people who I did not know and scaled back to people who are really friends. Little did I know, it would have been good to continue gaining the numbers because it could help me with marketing today. So here I am, working on it again, but in the aspects of gaining readers who are really interested in what I have to give to the world.

So I guess the goals for my blog are:

  1. Gain 100 new readers by the end of March, 2015.
  2. Keep up with my weekly post of Haiku Fridays.
  3. Post at least three times per week.
  4. Spend at least two hours per week reading and commenting on my fellow bloggers sites.

I want to apply the techniques I am learning here to my cooking blog as well. I hope one day to turn it into a money-making source but for now and in this class I am going to focus on this blog for learning with. It always has been the place for me to test out new things and continue learning. Improve my knowledge is the best thing I can possibly do.



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