The Daily Post today asks us to put together a playlist of five songs that represent how our week went. While it is just the post for today, I may attempt to make this post a weekly habit because music represents such an important part of my life. I often use it to express emotions and feelings I am having.

This week was not a bad week but it did not feel like a good one either, just ended up in the middle. I am frustrated with trying to get my life going and out of what feels like a big rut. Sometimes I feel like I just do not have a direction to keep me motivated but I do have a goal I want to make. Finding a way to make that goal is the hardest part.

I am smart but sometimes it seems like those smarts have left me and I feel so stupid. I really want my goal for both my life and that of my husband’s and I feel like I am letting both of us down at this point. Short of winning the lottery, I do not see the path at this moment.

These songs represent the turmoil within from the week and the wish to succeed.

Reflekt – Need To Feel Loved (Adam K & Soha Vocal Mix)

Frustration – So Many Questions

Nathan Grisdale – Smile

Brent Rivera – Doubt Your Doubts

Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Now


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