The last few days have been filled with adding pages, social media and working on blog branding. Time to get back to writing.

So today’s daily prompt burns my house down and I have to grab five items other than people and pets. The first things that pop to mind are all the usual items one would grab if the house were on fire: important papers, pictures, valuable items such as money,  and jewelry, my camera and my purse. Common sense demands one must grab those things and leave the rest to burn.

Thinking about the things I would take, makes me think of what things would I leave to burn. Of course, you can never take everything but what if a home fire is similar to a forest fire. Forest fires are devastating but they are also all about renewal. One could look at a home fire as the same way. It gets rid of the clutter, the collected things and brings you back to what is important in your life. It reminds you that you can live without all the stuff.

We live in a society that places so much emphasis on having stuff. I learned years ago stuff is just stuff. Yes, I like having nice things but I have learned to keep it to a minimum. This belief system comes from two influences in my life: my mother and my ex-husband.

My mother is a hoarder. Last I checked, she still had all our baby clothes, cribs and growing up stuff for when any of us kids had children and wanted to use the stuff. She also keeps books that she never reads and loads of collectible stuff. It has been that way since we were kids. Knick knacks everywhere. I actually go through my home and get rid of stuff we have not used or do not need anymore about twice a year to make sure I do not end up hoarding like my mother. Clutter makes me feel dirty.

My ex always wanted more. We were constantly working harder and harder to afford boats, trucks, dirt bikes, race cars, expensive remote-controlled toys and whatever else struck his fancy at the moment. I had a toy or two of my own and I enjoyed them. I played with them but with him, it was all about the wanting and getting. As soon as he acquired one of the toys he was wanting, he immediately moved on to wanting another one. The newness had not even worn off the old one before he was on to the next. It made me realize how unimportant stuff is and what is important.

Quality of life is the most important thing in life. Keeping up with the Jones will not make you happy. Instead focus on what makes you really happy. I enjoy my photography so I spend a decent amount on my camera. I like nice clothing and do buy nice things, on sale. Hubby and I enjoy food, wine, art, shows and traveling, so we spend money doing those things because they make us happy.

Life is all about the experience not the stuff. We remember the experiences but rarely think back on the stuff we have owned. So while I will save a few things from a fire and it really does suck to have to replace everything, I am going to look at a home fire as a time for renewal and count my blessings that everyone is safe.


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