Hubby at the moviesToday’s daily prompt encourages us to choose the last picture we took and tell the story behind it. The last picture I took is of chicken taco meat cooking in the crock pot. An easy story to tell since it is about pictures for my cooking blog but I wanted a more interesting moment. So, you are getting a recently taken picture of the hubby at the movies.

A silly looking photo but one of fun. We are waiting for the last Hobbit movie to start and playing with our 3-D glasses. He looked so funny, I had to snap a shot! We laughed and took a few more.

It led to a conversation about when we are finally going to get better looking 3-D glasses. With all the technology available, you would think not only could they look better but could be comfortable. Personally, I think they leave them ugly and huge so you return them instead of taking them home.

It is always amusing leaving the theater after the show and everyone has the bright red ridge across their nose. You can always pick out your theater mates and giggle just a little cause you know you look just as ridiculous as they do.

Maybe next time, I will sneak down to the front and get a picture of everyone in the theater looking funny. Everyone needs a good laugh and people in huge, silly looking 3-D glasses always bring out a good laugh.

I believe laughter is medicine for the soul. Hubby and I have not had enough of it lately with him being out-of-town. This silly picture captures a moment filled with laughter and fun. One I can look back on and laugh a little more.


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