Today is the first day of Blogging 101. I am to introduce myself and my blog to the world in my first post of the class. Seems funny since the blog has been up for several years but it is time for improvement.

I decided to take the Blogging 101 course because I have learned blogging through my own devices and thought it could be beneficial to get some tips and tricks from the experts. I have blogged for about three years or so now on two blogs, so while it is not a new thing to me, it is one I want to improve upon. Anything that improves my writing is a plus for me.

I started My Journey to Find Myself in a dark time in my life. One where I felt no control over anything happening in it. I felt small and unheard by everyone including my friends and family. Instead of privately journaling my feelings, I decided to go public. It was an awesome decision. People read my writing and some connected with my thoughts and feelings. Some felt the same as I did, while others did not understand.

The mixed ideas, expressions and feelings of others were perfectly okay with me because regardless of those thoughts, I felt heard. People noticed me. It helped with the feelings of invisibility I have struggled with my entire life. I have lived a life surrounded by people and yet I have spent most of it feeling unheard and invisible. This blog helped with those feelings and while it is not a popular one, it does get read. I appreciate those who take the time to read my paltry thoughts, feelings and ideas.

I intended to continue my search of who I am and to express my through blogging. Maybe my thoughts can in turn help someone else to not feel so alone or to find understanding where they might not have before. Or just to realize that someone else in the world feels the same as they do and they are not alone. Whatever the purpose for someone reading my blog, I thank you for the time you have given me and for hearing me.

While I have no intentions of attempting to change the world with this blog, I do hope it helps me to improve upon myself and my writing. Both of which are important to me.


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