It’s time for another 10 minutes free-write as the Daily Prompt Challenge today. I took on another challenge earlier this week, when I decided to bake 13 different cookies in a Baker’s Dozen Cookie Challenge for my cooking blog. It has been much harder than I thought it would be. Making 13 types of cookies and then having to taste them all.

It started out wonderful. I was making yummy cookies, but the further I have gotten into the challenge the less I have liked tasting all the cookies. While I love sweet treats, I did not realize I have really reduced my consumption of them. It also does not help that my hubby is out-of-town for work, so the official taste tester is not here.

I have to bother all my friends to get opinions. Many of them do not mind but I think the guy who lives down the hall is getting as tired of them as I am. He is our wonderful neighbor who I shop with and compare food recipes and he LOVES sweets. I know that I am getting to him because I have not seen him since Tuesday night and he groaned when I handed him another bag of cookies (Hehe, he kinda deserves it because he is always popping up here with sweet treats he purchased from the store to help make me fat as well.).

One does not realize how much effort goes into baking that many cookies, staging them, photographing, editing the photo and then writing a blog post until one does a challenge like this. It is like having a full-time job. I bake, I create, I cleanup the kitchen and then it is about getting the pics, just so I am prepared to write the blog. I am not complaining just noticing how much effort goes into each blog I write as I do the challenge.

Now if I can get my freelance writing career to go as well, I would be completely thrilled. I know it is a hard life being a writer but for some reason, just like the cooking, it intrigues me. I just have to find the best writing path to the best results for me. Just like the cookie challenge, I can do it. I just have to start challenging myself to writing so many words per day.

I do notice, just like with the baking which is something I am not that good at, practice does make perfect. The more I do it, the better my writing turns out. Now to choose a direction. Fact or fiction, I am not sure. Fact has its moments of fun but I sometimes get bored, while fiction is just a figment of my imagination, just like my cooking. Hummm, I guess I will try both until I see which one works the best for me.

And that is where 10 minutes lands me. Enjoy your day!



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