Changing the Face of Racism Through Positive Action

I keep reading of all the racism in this country but question the reality of how much racism still actually exists or is stirred up by the media. Maybe it is time to step back and look at the bigger picture in all this.

How many times do you see on the news, when a black, Mexican or Asian cops shoots a white person or anyone else for that matter? You do not. You only see it on the news if a white cop shoots a black man. Or if an Arabic was involved.

I see racism in all cultures of race and people in this country not just racism against blacks. There is hate against Asians, Arabic, Latins, Whites, Blacks, against all people from all races or cultures. NO ONE RACE is INNOCENT. All are guilty of it. It makes me angry to see the hypocrisy of the people of this country calling out about racism against one group of people when those same people are committing it against others. It is time to stop with this behavior and treat everyone the same.

I have had several people accuse me of being racist because I am not standing up shouting it off the mountaintops about the police not being indicted over killing the most recent white cop/black man killings. It is not that I do not care, because I do. In several of these instants I do not understand why the cop was not charged with something but I also have to sit back and take a deep breath because I know I do not know all the facts in the case.

What I do know is that in most of these instants the black man killed was resisting arrest. STOP RESISTING ARREST! Do not focus on if the arrest is right or wrong, be calm and sort out the details later when the situation has calmed down. More than likely these men would be alive today if they had not resisted arrest. Everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions here, both the cops and the person involved.

It is not that I do not believe the cops acted with too much force, sometimes they do. Cops are human and do make mistakes like everyone else, including the person being arrested. Trained cops always use force to detain people resisting arrest, it is what they are trained to do. Does it give them a license to kill, NO. But when you resist arrest by acting violently it does give them the right to return the violence and sometimes things go too far, as we have seen. By acting in violence, it incites violence.

I do know the police force is made up of mostly white men, not because of racism but because they are who signs up to serve in those positions and does the required amount of work to get there.  To change that ratio, more people of color need to start working in the police force and that will happen over time but it could happen faster if more made that career choice.

Because the police force is mostly white, does it make them automatically racists? I do not believe so. I believe it is probably about the same percentage as in the civilian world. Most of them are just doing their jobs.

I also know we have around three-quarters of a million cops in this country compared to over 300 million citizens. That makes 1 cop to police every 400,000 or so citizens. I do not know about you but those odds are not in the cops favor. Based on the numbers of people killed by cop per year and taking into account the lack of unreported figures, I would guess about 2 or 3 citizens per 400,000 are killed by cops. How many justified or unjustified, we do not know since records are not required in these instants (something I was completely surprised by. How can we not keep accurate records on the police killings of civilians?).

When you place those odds into play of course you are going to see more black people killed by white cops because there are not enough minorities in the police force to solely patrol the minority neighborhoods. But what is not mentioned is the rest of the people killed by cops. It is like we forget about all those and focus instead only on the black men killed. What about the rest of the people killed? Are we to assume because they are not black, the killings are justified? Why are people are crying out when a white cop kills a black man? That is racism in itself!

None of this condones the violence being committed by a handful. I believe in peaceful protesting and do think it gains ground but the biggest thing that will change this country is voting. I hear so many people saying their vote does not count, but it does. Minorities make up a large percentage of the voting communities and yet they do not get out and vote.

If everyone in this country voted or even 60 percent for that matter, we could make changes in the government that would have lasting effects. Your vote does matter. If you do not like the local people in office, get out and vote. If you do not like who is running out national government, get out and vote. You have that right and no one can take it from you except you. You can make changes but you have to get up and take action by voting.

If you start voting out the people who are helping to create this environment of unfairness and start voting in those who can make a difference, things will change. Another way, people in positions of power keep this country divided is by Republicans versus Democrats. Once again, people remain divided.

It is this division that keeps those in power who should not be. They are abusing the system, their responsibilities and the people they are supposed to serve. But you have to get out and vote. You have to stop being divided. Standing together and voting is the only way to make true and lasting changes in this country.

Stop letting THEM divide you. Take back your power and get off you ass and go vote on election day.

You might think what does this have to do with police shootings and racism. It has everything to do with it. People in power positions keep things like race stirred up so you will remain divided. I see in all the protests people of all colors raising their voices against the senseless violence. It shows racism is not as heavy as it seems. It shows that if we stand together in the voting booths, we can make a change.

If racism was really so strong in this country, as portrayed by the media, people of all races would not be protesting together. Personally, I know racism still exists by some but I do believe they are becoming the minority in that way of thinking. I believe the majority of people really do not care what color your skin is, they just want to live their lives and be happy. For the few, there is always going to be hate. I wish I could say it would go away but it is not human nature. We like conflict and drama. It is why we allow it to continue.

The only way to put racism to rest is to ignore the media and focus on what really matters. If you want to make changes, start within yourself. Stop your own racial thoughts and get out and vote. Stop voting by party and vote for someone who will help make changes. If someone did not do their job, do not vote them back in. Vote for someone else.

If we keep making changes to the elected officials, changes will happen. We can see a better country and people in office who will make a difference for everyone, not the select few. They will do what is good for the people not the corporations or the top percent.

It will take time and commitment but it can happen. It will happen if we all stand together and make it happen. But as long as we are divided we are weak. The saying “divided we stand, divided we fall” remains true. It is only in unity that we can make changes. GET OUT AND VOTE!

Make changes by acting instead of sitting on the sidelines bitching about how you cannot make a difference. YOU CAN! You have that right no matter your skin color, gender or culture if you are a citizen of this country, but it is completely up to you to use that right. Someone else worked long and hard in the past to get you that right, but it is up to you to use it to help make positive changes and to change the face of racism.



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