Daily Prompt: An Extreme Tale

The last time “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” from the Charles Dickens’ book  A Tale of Two Cities accurately described my life was in the summer and fall of 2011. 

In the summer, I received the news I had melanoma, the worst kind of skin cancer. Fortunately it was caught before it formed into stage 3 or 4 cancer, but still a diagnosis of cancer is scary for anyone. When surrounded by doctors, machines and sterile rooms, you stop and think about the quality life you are leading. I examined my life closely, scrutinizing every point. Quality became really important.

I tried to be brave but I cried a lot. Because we caught it soon enough, I did not need chemo or radiation. I did need surgery. The huge, ugly scar radiates across my stomach, a sign of survival, a reminder of death. I think of it as a badge of life now. I am still here, moving forward in the march of life. I am alive inside and living for my dreams.

In the fall, my hubby and I got married on a cool, rainy day in October. Our fall garden wedding, quickly turned into a beautiful indoor wedding in an old house with beautiful hardwood flooring and a huge roaring fireplace decorated with colorful blooms. A small but perfect wedding, graced by our friends and family.

On that cloudy grey day, I married my best friend and partner. The man who works hard to make my life wonderful in every way. I feel so blessed. Of course, we have ups and downs like any other couple thrown together by life, but the ups happen more often than the downs and I finally feel like I have someone to stand beside me in life. Someone who will stay by my side as my rock.

So while the year of 2011 was a rocky turmoil of emotions from high to low, it was a year of learning. We hear all the time that life is precious, but I am not sure any of us understand that comment until faced with a life threatening event. We might try but it is a hard thing to comprehend. We all know reality is we will die someday but we tend to take life for granted because we think the time is far away.

Of course, life always goes on, even in the extremes. It is how we learn and grow from those experiences that shapes our world moving forward. The biggest lesson I learned, is to enjoy the moment because you never know if you will have another. Good or bad, I try to live life to the fullest, learning and growing because every moment taken for granted is a moment lost and I do not want to have anymore regrets.



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