Dear Curious Buyer: A Fictional Piece

Daily Prompt: Buyers, Beware?

The year is 2214, and your computer’s dusty hard drive has just resurfaced at an antique store. Write a note to the curious buyer explaining what he or she will find there.

Dear Curious Buyer,

I’m impressed that you found my computer’s hard drive a novelty worth buying. I didn’t realize it still existed and thought it destroyed long ago. I have to admit to feeling slightly hesitant at the thought of a stranger viewing an object containing so much of my personal life.

You’ll find clues to the different stages and events linking to my life. That hard drive houses a mixture of work, school and personal files, so you’ll find backup copies of written articles, boring papers on web development, slightly childish projects and meaningful pieces from life.

Lots of photos from the many photography trips. A mixture of architecture, landscape and flowers intermixed with pictures of the people coming and going throughout the years. Folders filled to overflowing of food for my food blog and fine art photos separated into folders with the intentions of showing them in an art gallery.

You’ll also find other folders containing half-finished articles and stories languishing away waiting for me to return to complete them. Unfortunately it never happened. The drive disappeared before I remembered those lonely folders. Maybe you would be kind enough to return them to me in the hopes the magic words now exist to give them their proper endings. I’m sure I left the makings of an unfinished best-seller in the lot but that all could be the wishful hopes of an aspiring writer.

Social media connections, movies and YouTube videos reside in the dark corners of the drive, along with an extensive music playlist, made long extinct by streaming music sites. Plenty of laughs, giggles and snickers shared over the favorite videos and music made up  of the soundtrack of my life for years. I still go back and listen to those tracks and relive the memories they bring to mind.

I’m not sure what all else you’ll find but I bet there’s a few embarrassing photos I would rather not be seen by others. I kindly ask that you delete without viewing.

Please be gentle as you exam the bits and bytes of my life, fragmented as it may be. It’s from an important time of my life where I was going through both wonderful moments such as getting married to my husband and devastating moments of losing my family and being diagnosed with cancer. I also spent a few years learning who I was and what I wanted out of life.

Thank you ahead for your kindness and I hope you find the answers you seek by viewing my ancient hard drive from such a formative point of my life.


Owner of the long lost hard drive



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