Predicting the Future Using the Past

Daily Prompt: In Retrospect

Yesterday you invented a new astrological sign. Today, write your own horoscope — for the past month (in other words, as if you’d written it October 1st).

“You will take a pleasant journey to a place far away.”

I didn’t invent a new astrological sign yesterday, although after reading the prompt I can think of the fun it would be in making up a sign based on me. But what I did do is make a fortune cookie prediction come true in October.

The daily prompt brings up deep thoughts of how we need to look at the past to predict the future. History always has a bad habit of showing us the way but we tend to ignore it. Yes, some things will change but the bigger picture remains the same. There will be feast, famine, war, times of peace, climate changes, taxes, life and death. Throughout these, if we look to the past we can often see the cycle coming around again. The human thought process is “it will be different this time around.”And yes, there will be some differences but the overall picture will remain the same because it takes the entire population to make a change large enough to completely change history’s predictions for the future.

I’m not saying that we can’t make changes and strive for a different future. I’m continuing my quest for the life I’ve always dreamed off. I do believe we should live in the present, look to the future and take cues from the past on how to make better decisions. It’s finding the balance for moving forward while living now and without becoming paralyzed by the past. It’s easy to live in fear and not to strike out for new places and ideas.

It’s one of the reasons I think the American society has failed as of late. We’re stuck with a government and large corporations who are resisting change and living completely in the past because they cannot predict the future. Instead they stick with what they know has worked, instead of continuing to forge new ground as the innovators and trend setters we once were. Greed is a horrible thing because it creates fear of loss and that fear keeps us stuck in place, not allowing for positive change.

Looking back into history, you can see another country this happened to. Greece was once the capital of all things happening. Democracy, geometry and many of the math concepts we use today, written history, plant classifications, architecture, the Olympics, philosophy, outdoor drama, amazing literature, medical science, astronomy and many more ideas that have shaped the ideas and life of modern society today came from the Greeks. But those are all ancient accomplishments. Where is that beautiful country and its people today in the scheme of things? It’s tied up in a mess of debt caused by greed. Unemployment is running rampant, the country cannot pay its debts and no one is benefiting from the mess made by greed. Greece is fighting for survival and not worrying about contributing to the world.

I see a similar pattern happening here in America. And while it makes me sad because it seems others don’t see the pattern, the trend that history is showing us, I suppose history also teaches us another thing: all great countries fall at some point. In the thousands of years of civilization, all empires have risen and fallen. The change is constant. And change is something we must accept like it or not. I do wish we could make improved choices by looking at history to influence those changes as to avoid making the same mistakes again. But man is stubborn in his refusal to accept we are not invincible and we do make avoidable mistakes if we had learned from earlier mistakes.

Like I said, the daily prompt brought up some deep thoughts for me and I never made it to predicting my October horoscope based on what has already happened. I can tell you, it was an awesome month. I saw new countries, new way’s of life and met people who made me smile and laugh. I went to place that made me feel more at home than the place I live now. It left me knowing that I will continue to strive for the lifestyle of acceptance and happiness I want for myself and my family. How those things will happen, I don’t know but I do know my life is good.

The Daily Prompt: In Retrospect 


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