Everyone Needs a Trusty Sidekick

My inspiration for this post is based on the Weekly Writing Challenge: My Dear Watson from last week and I never got around to finishing on time. We were asked to writing about our lives with our trusty sidekicks, our partners in crime. 

My hubby is my partner in crime and my sidekick in all things going on in life but today I want to talk about my little known sidekick and partner who has been with me the whole way on the journey I embarked on a few years ago. He’s my Teddy!

Teddy has been by my side since the day I left my abusive ex-husband. Teddy is one of the last things my mom gave me and I treasure him. She gave him to me to help with the nightmares, so I wouldn’t wake up alone at night, scared of the demon who haunted me in my dreams.

Teddy moved with four times over the year after I left my ex and is the one who rode in the seat next to me when I decided to move clear across the country from North Carolina to Colorado for a new life and job. He’s the one that soaked up the tears when I cried from being so homesick.

He’s also been there for the good times as well. Hanging out on my bed, always ready for a hug or cuddle. No one is ever to old for comfort from a teddy bear or to have a trusty sidekick who listens when I need to talk and never tells my secrets or comments on how stupid some of my thoughts can be. He just sits there offering love and affection when I need it.

Life is good now, but Teddy still hangs out on our bed. He has friends now. Bear and Coconut (a big-eyed monkey). And while I don’t go to him for comfort as much anymore (I have my partner in crime for that) I still appreciate him and pick him up for random hugs.



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