Fall: Another Season of Change

As a kid, were you happy or anxious about going back to school? Now that you’re older, how has your attitude toward the end of the summer evolved?

I used to get so upset at the end of summer and today, I still get a little sad. Especially this year because summer has been so short for us here in Denver. We had a late snow and a cooler than normal season, a blessing compared to some other areas of the world that were above normal on the hotness scale.

BUT, I’m not all that sad or upset about summer fading away. It means changing leaves, fall flowers, crisp cool days and bright blue skies are on the way. Changing seasons always brings a sense of renewal to me. With each season, we see change and chance to start again in a different state.

Spring brings on complete renewal after a long winter of dormancy and deep thought. It’s a chance to make a change and do things differently this year. It’s color where there was little and a sense of excitement for all things possible fills the air.

Summer brings on growth. The lighter shades of spring deepen into the semi-permanent colors of summer. A path chosen, a direction taken. The chance to communicate and connect is at its peak as we shed the heavier cloaks of the other seasons. We are at our most exposed.

Fall finds us reflecting on the events of spring and summer, looking back on those warm airy days of summer. We begin to envelope ourselves, once again, in our sheaves of protection as we look on in awe as Mother Nature paints the world in brilliant golds, reds and oranges.

As fall fades into winter, we turn our reflections to the inside as blankets of frost or snow whiten the dark somber colors. A stark contrast to the other seasons where color composes the landscape; winter dresses herself in blacks, whites, grays and browns. Even the blue of the sky has changed and is less saturated. It’s a time to look back, understand what we did and dream about the new year lying ahead when we get a chance to do it all over again.

So, no, I’m not upset to see summer go but I am a bit nostalgic about the fun of summer coming to an end. Fall means a chance to pull out a whole new wardrobe and instead of following summer’s directional sunflowers, I’ll be chasing autumn’s falling leaves of change.



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