Laughter and Idiocy in Hamburger Buns

Daily Post: Uncanned Laughter

A misused word, a misremembered song lyric, a cream pie that just happened to be there: tell us about a time you (or someone else) said or did something unintentionally funny.

A very recent event springs to mind after reading the Daily Post prompt for the day.  One that left my husband laughing and giggling for a couple of days, while I peevishly fumed around, feeling like a complete idiot at any thought or mention of the Incident. Yes, I call it the Incident!

The other day, I was making hamburger buns. I started early in the morning after a quick trip to the store for a few ingredients and thought I would whip them up easily as having made them several times before. It turns out in all that quick whipping, I forgot to add the egg to the batter and decided in a small moment of complete and utterly idiocy to attempt to add the egg after the mixing was already done.

Of course it was a complete failure. There is just really no way to add the egg to a bread mix once done with the kneading. Smeared raw egg mixed with flour coated my work-space and none of it was in the bread, just on it. I really don’t know what I was thinking except that I was still half asleep and was not thinking at all about anything except getting the bread to rising.

In that moment of stupidity, my husband walks into the kitchen and starts laughing, which really did not help the matter because it immediately made me bitchier than I already was. At that point, I just didn’t or couldn’t see the humor in the process. Not only did I screw up the bread and had to throw away beautiful ingredients, I had to REMAKE the bread. It just really was not funny!

I still have not laughed at the incident but have to admit to cracking a smile or two as I write this. I still feel like an idiot and don’t know what I was thinking that morning, except that I wasn’t. I was on a single tracked mindset of getting the bread rising and anything that got in the way of the moment just didn’t stand a chance, including common sense.

If brought up, the hubby still laughs quite hard which of course, still makes me cranky but as it gets further away, I am seeing more of the humor and less of me being a complete imbecile.



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