First Impressions Proven Wrong

The Daily Prompt today just makes me smile because I definitely made a false assumption about my husband the first time I met him and he most certainly proved that assumption wrong.

The first time I ever laid eyes on my husband he was wrestling around on the floor with a friend of his. My roommate and I had just showed up and walked in the door to see these two rolling around trying to put each other in a headlock.

After they sorted themselves out and introduced themselves to me (my roommate knew them already, I didn’t), we were all casually talking and these two kept acting like a couple. The one was obviously gay and my hubby acted that way as well. They were so comfortable with each other, it was like they had been together for years.

I have a habit of putting my foot into my mouth occasionally by saying what comes to mind and when one of them asked me if I was single, I said I was and asked them how long they had been together. They both looked at each other and burst out laughing, before my hubby stuttered that he wasn’t gay.

That was the first night he asked me out but I wasn’t completely convinced and was completely happy being single. He asked a few more times over the next month or so and finally I agreed. Six years later we are together, happy and I am very sure that my hubby is not gay.


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