Unseen in a World of Self-Importance

zombie painting

Today’s Daily Post is tell the story of a stranger captured in a photo I have taken while out in public. I have to admit to having many such photos as that I’m a photographer who is often intrigued by the emotions and feelings expressed by others as they go about their daily lives. Sometimes I slip on the long-range lenses so as not to disturb because it always seems that people start posing the minute they see a camera and it’s the unaware moments that I love the most. But enough about me, it’s time to tell the story of the one in this picture…

To all those who know her, “Matilda” has never missed a day of work in the ten years she has worked at the movie studio as a makeup artist. She appears as the one constant unchanging figure in a world of make-believe and the unknown. A quiet unassuming woman who calmly applies makeup to the faces of others, helping them to find their alter-egos. Always there, always helping.

Beneath the surface, Matilda hides her true self from the world because even the world of make-believe would not accept her for who she really is. The demon inside occasionally showing itself for brief seconds but no one is looking. No one really cares, they are all so caught up in their own stories and drama, they don’t take the time to look to closely at someone so unassuming, so helpful. After all, if she really wanted the world to know her, wouldn’t she be less of a mouse and more of a lion?

It’s often those who love, those who help, those who get things done are the most overlooked. People look but see right through them, never seeing the real person locked inside. Caught in their bubbles of self-importance, they often ignore the ones who don’t scream and shout for notice. And yet, it is these that we should look at the most.

They come in two forms. Either they are the ones who will change the world or they are the ones who are sad, lonely and need another’s attention. For just once, for just a second, they both wish someone who notice that they are special too. Until that moment, Matilda will go on aiding others on their egocentric path, while she continues to wait in her unassuming silence of self-denial.



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