The Wonderful World of Smell

I couldn’t image a world without smell. It would be a boring world and lack so much in flavor, taste and experience. Without smell, you could not taste and what would the world be without taste or smell?

I’m a person who loves smell and experiencing the world through smell and of course all my other senses. My hubby is always laughing at me, saying “you have a nose like a dog!” as I sniff the air trying to figure out where “that smell” is coming from, such as the smell of charred flesh on the grill (my hubby’s favorite way of talking about meat cooking on a grill). I actually do stop and smell the roses, and other flowers and the cantaloupe at the market.

I choose many of the ingredients I buy based on smell. If the peaches or strawberries don’t have a smell, they were generally picked too green and the taste won’t be there. The same goes for the early aroma of potatoes or mushrooms! Or the smell of a freshly opened bottle of wine. And of course I stick my nose in the sample jars of spices before buying. The stronger a scent on spices and dried herbs, the fresher the product, as they tend to fade over time. Or the delightful smell of a freshly opened bottle of wine. As a cook, I could not image not being able to smell.

The comforting smell of my hubby’s deodorant combined with the aroma of his skin as he hugs me close, makes me just want to snuggle a little closer and never leave the circle of his arms. It’s a safe place where nothing can go wrong and makes everything right in the world even when things are not so great.

Of course smells are not always good such as growing up in a town with a paper mill or a rotten egg left over way too long. But I still would not give up my sense of smell just to avoid the bad smells, when there are so many good, like…Fresh cut grass on a warm summer day, the smell of salt and suntan lotion filled air as the breeze wafts enticing smells from the fish frying on the pier, a deep inhalation through my nose burrowed deep within the depths of a beautiful rose, fresh bread in the oven, or nose up to the air sniffing the gentle fragrance of the Linden tree as it blooms in the spring. I wouldn’t want to miss the heavy smells of the evening blooming moon flower or the perfume of the petunias on my balcony.

I really don’t understand all this breeding of flowers that does make a pretty flower to look at but takes away all the wonderful scents and smells. It might be pretty for the eyes but it’s lost all the pretty for nose. the same goes for produce in the stores, most of it lacks the smells you get when you grow it yourself or buy from a local farmer.

Occasionally, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with too many or much smell. Like the lady who smells like she took a bath in her perfume gives me an instant headache. And while many do not, I do find the smell of a wet dog is stinky and awesome at the same time. I guess you could say life for me without smell would not be much of a life at all.

Inspiration for today’s blog comes from the Daily Prompt: Nosey Delights

From the yeasty warmth of freshly baked bread to the clean, summery haze of lavender flowers, we all have favorite smells we find particularly comforting. What’s yours?


4 thoughts on “The Wonderful World of Smell

  1. I also buy fruits based on smell. Colour is first, however, if it is difficult to judge then comes sniffing and smelling…and I’m sure I’ve picked up a ripe one instead of the one that is just looking ripe. 🙂

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