Daily Prompt: Fictional Intruder

The prompt of the day asks us to choose three fictional events or adventures to experience, which leaves me in a ponder of which ones to choose.

I grew up without a TV because my parents thought it would be better for us to read instead of being exposed to the “trash of the television.” By the time I was 16, I had read all the books in our small town library and they had to order in new ones from the larger county library so I would have something to read each week. I also had the memory of an elephant at that time and while I plowed through 4 to 5 books a week, I could remember the adventures in each one and go over them in my mind when I was working on other things.

I wish I still had that memory. Today, it seems like when I read books, I don’t remember them as well and it makes me sad. I wonder sometimes if my dad wasn’t right and the TV really does turn the brain to mush or is it just age and stress getting in the way?

I used to read books to escape from the realities of life because quite frankly, life wasn’t all that great. It had it moments of awesomeness but there were plenty of bad in there as well. So reading books let me into other worlds, where I could escape from my own.

I always dreamed of being an invitee to the tea party in Alice in Wonderland and having conversations with the Mad Hatter while wearing my own crazy hats. I’m still looking for the perfect large tea-cup for my tea today and just love it when I go somewhere that serves tea or hot chocolate in really large cups. It just makes me feel so happy and in wonder of all around me. It gives the feeling of being so small in such a large world. I love to experience the novelty of an altered reality through my overly large cup of tea.

Or how about being a character in the map of craziness from Stephen King’s Gunslinger series! That would be so much fun because it was a world filled with so much oddness, excitement and of course danger was always lurking. But the fun of seeing the unique oceans, creatures and worlds that live beyond our true reality love to draw me into their embrace.

I’m not sure what the third option should be, there are so many choices to choose from. Off course seeing the world of Harry Potter would be so much fun with all the wizards, dragons and fun or to experience the Secret Garden with all it’s hidden blooms thriving away from the eyes of the world. Or the live in the land of Narnia or 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! But I think I’m going to choose the adventures from the Lord of the Rings where not only do I get magical rings, dragons and wizards but dwarfs, fairies and oh so much more in the way of never-ending adventures from my welcome fictional intruders.

I still read plenty of books today, but not for the purpose of escaping from reality. Reality is good now, but who doesn’t like to go out on adventures into the unknown once in a while?




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