Daily Prompt: Helpless

The definition of helpless from the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

  1. Lacking protection or support <defenseless>
  2. Marked by an inability to act or react <the crowd looked on in helpless horror>
  3. Not able to be controlled or restrained <helpless laughter>
Only the serious know how to truly laugh
Only the serious know how to truly laugh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever laughed yourself silly?  Usually this type of uncontrolled, helpless laughter is the result of a situation you have no control over.  It’s one of those brief moments of clarity when you finally realize how fruitless many of the things you do actually are and the interesting joke of life is the sense that you have control over your destiny.

You laugh because it’s the only thing you can do because you understand with helpless clarity that you are no more than a puppet to the whims of life and the universe.  You laugh because if you didn’t laugh, you would cry and crying is much less appealing because it gives you red puffy eyes and a blotchy face.  The irony is, that you laugh until you cry and still you can’t stop.  Your side is hurting, you’re gasping for breath and you have red puffy eyes but you’re still laughing.

You want control; you want to be master of your own life.  The huge but in the equation is the factor that you only have control over yourself and what you do, you have no control over others.  The false impression is that you can make others do what you would like them to do but it only works if they are willing.

We are all helpless in our aspirations to control our world.  We try to shape it into the ideal view of what we want out of life.  We all have felt the disappointment when life hands it all back to us, without as so much as a sorry.

It’s the understanding that we don’t have control that wakes up a few who strive for more.  It’s the letting go, that finally makes you realize you are only helpless because you’re clinging to the past and fear the unknown of the future.  It’s the clinging to the false sense of security and forgetting to live in the present that makes you helpless; truly letting go creates a stronger, better you.

18th June: Today was a good day
Today was a good day (Photo credit: scribbletaylor)

Letting go is the first truly free moment you will feel in life because you finally trust yourself to live life in the moment, in the present.  Letting goes means being free of the helplessness.  And when you let go, the next time you laugh, it’ll be out of joy not out of desperation.

The thoughts and ideas of others helpless, in their world:

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