Daily Prompt: Un/Faithful

I consider myself a spiritual person.  My faith is something that surrounds me all the time, it’s not just found on Sunday inside a Church or dependent on the rules and ideas of one particular book, person or idea.  Spiritual for me, means that we live as well as we can, help others and that karma does play a huge role in life.

I have more problems with the ideas of many organized religions because many of them seem to come with rules that exclude people for one reason or another.  While that might work for the masses, it doesn’t work for me.  I believe a true faith doesn’t exclude anyone, instead it invites all to take part and join in if he or she so chooses.  It also doesn’t say someone is wrong just because of the person they chose to love or the colors of their skin or because they might have different ideas of what faith is.  Faith is and always will be individual to each person.

You might ask, if I believe in God or any of the other deities of the many religions?  I will say I don’t know if there is a higher being, but I do believe there are more powerful things in the world than me.  There are plenty of things I don’t understand or can even being to explain.  I do believe there are forces at work around us that can help to guide us down the different paths of life. What exactly those forces are, I don’t claim to know but I do believe they exist and I do believe the signs are put there for us to read if we are open to looking for them.

I like the teachings of both Buddha and Jesus, that we should be loving and kind to every being, including ourselves, because we are all connected.  Most religions offer shame and ostracization when you don’t fit the mold of what they believe is the “right” way to live and think.  We do live in a world that connects, where the actions of one can and will have reaching consequences for someone else, whether it be bad or good.

Sometimes my faith in the world around me falters, especially in times where it seems like so many are fighting and so many believe that getting ahead means stepping on anyone who gets in their way.  I try to continue to see the good but it is hard when the news is filled with nothing but people killing others and having no love for each other.  My faith cries out at all the bad in the world and for all the ones who are left to fiend for themselves.  What’s so wrong with humanity helping each other, instead of helping only one’s self?

To strengthen my faith, I go sit on a mountain top or watch the waves roll in on the ocean.  It’s from these places and many more that I find peace in knowing that my faith is strong and what is right for me.  I’m still on the spiritual search and am open to new ideas because I believe true faith constantly evolves and never remains static.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Un/Faithful

  1. Thank you for the ping back. As you point out, we are all connected in some way and our actions impact others. By choosing to focus on loving and kindness rather than dogma and conflict, you are already contributing to peace!

    1. It’s the only way I know to help make a change. Now if we could get others to do the same, the world would be such a better place. Thanks for the comment and showing you understand and are part of the solution 🙂

  2. You’re right—Jesus does want us to be kind to one another, even in a fast-paced metropolis like NYC, where I live. He’s also the one who made the mountaintops and water where you find solace. I guess He’s making a point LOL Stay faithful and you’ll find happiness. Best in 2013!

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