Living In the Now

What is it about us humans that makes us feel we always have to be catching up?  Why is it that some of us cannot realize we have a great thing and be happy with?  Instead some are just constantly living with the past and the mistakes they made then, feeling like they should be some place else instead.  Constantly trying to “catch up” and get back all the things they believe they lost, never realizing they have everything they need now and are losing it because they cannot let go of the  of the past.  What has been done is over and gone.  Whether it was a life lived well or one lived not so well, it does not matter anymore.  It cannot be changed and it cannot be made up for.  All we have is the here and now and what we choose to do with it to move forward.  If we are constantly looking back or too far forward, we are going to miss out on everything that is happening right now.  So what the past is not exactly as you would have lived it, the here is now and you have a chance to live this part well if you choose to.  You have the chance to live it as you would have wanted to live the back then.  But if you never stop looking back or you will miss out on this chance as well.

It is time to let go of the past and move into the now with what you have.  If you examine what you have and feel that it is so lacking and horrible, then it is time to make decisions on that as well.  The only way to ever be happy and to be successful in life is to be happy with where you are, what you have, and take care of the ones who are supporting you to get to your goals.  If you are happy living in the now, the other things will fall into place and come because life always happens for those who choose to live it.


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