Letting Go to Move Forward

As I work on the constant continuing work to forge new paths in my brain, to change my ways of thinking, I realized the true feeling of what it was like to forgive and let go.  It was like a huge weight lifting off my soul, a dark cloud that disappeared.  I was left with an incredible sense of sadness but a knowing  I would be okay.  It was wonderful to not carry the weight and it is still okay to be sad about what had caused it to begin with.

Right now, I do not know what tomorrow will look like other than I know it is a ahead.  Now, I am going to spend the time enjoying what is here now and work to build a stronger brighter future.  And I am going to keep letting go of the darkness of the past, so  I can move forward, a much lighter and happier person.  What more can anyone ask for in this life, except the love and understanding of those who build us up and make us stronger and the understanding that not everything is our fault or doing?


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