Live, Love, and Laugh Now

What is it about the idea of greener pastures always over the fence?  Why can’t people see the majority of the time they are in the greenest pasture and yet destroy everything just to get to the one they think is better?  While not in all cases but in many, we are standing in the greenest ones but can’t see them for the constant fear we are missing out on something.  In the mean time we are ruining everything we already have just to see if we can get something better instead of being happy. We are so busy looking forward at to where we think we ought to be instead of realizing we are missing out on what we have now.  Being angry cause we thought we missed out on something because we didn’t have the money or the time to do something.  The truth is that we did miss out on something, we missed out on all the great moments and things happening right then.  We don’t stop to enjoy the beauty of what we have now, to relish in the moment, to actually live and love.  Later after we’ve moved on over the fence and into the greener pasture, we stop, look back, and realize what we missed out on.  We realize we had it good but was so busy regretting what we though we lost and struggling to move ahead that we missed out on our life. 

So stop pushing so hard to climb the fence into the other pasture and regretting not getting ahead and start enjoying the wonderful little moments, you are missing on now.  Enjoy your life and what is in it now because by the time you realize what happened, the things you have now may be long gone.  Live, love, and laugh and the good things will come because it is to those who choose to live well that life chooses to reward with the best it has to give because you chose not to ignore it has already given you.


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