Lack of Communication

What it is about the society we live in thinking it is ok not to communicate?  Where did anyone ever get that idea?  It is no wonder we live in such a fucked up world where nothing is ever solved because no one ever talks to anyone about what is going on so that anything can be solved.

I am so sick of people thinking that it is okay to just turn their backs and not say a word when they have an issue.  What ever happened to friends and family being the people you could count on to tell you if you did something they didn’t like or to tell you that you are being a shithead?  I guess that I should be getting used to it by now, after all I was raised in a family who believes you don’t talk about anything that is bad.  You just ignore the person until you feel like talking to them again and never let them know what was wrong in the first place.  It makes sense that I would end up with friends who do exactly the same thing while they are going on about how open and upfront they are about everything.

It is amazing how many people in life would rather not communicate and solve their problems and instead keep them, so that nothing ever changes.  Well I am not one of those people anymore.  I am not going to be the doormat or the revolving door who is still there when someone decides to come back around after they just disappeared without a word.  The fact is if the person is not reliable and cannot be honest and upfront about what is bothering them, is a person I do not need in my life because I cannot trust them.  No one needs people they cannot trust in there lives.  What is wrong with saying “Hey, what you did or said pissed me off and upset me, let’s talk about it or I will talk to about it when I am less upset.”  It at least leaves the person with something and an understanding that the person is going to communicate at some point.  But to just ignore someone is so wrong and unfair, not to mention completely unreliable and trustworthy.  It is not what true friends and family do.


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