Disappearing Without a Word

What is it about the society we live in that makes it okay for friends and family to disappear without a word right when you need them the most? 

I’ve been in this very black depression the last few weeks, trying to deal with the total loss of my family and the understanding of knowing they will never be there for me.  The truth is they never were.  I have definitely not been the best person to be around but I am still trying.  I guess I made the mistake of believing my friends would understand and be there regardless but instead one of the ones I thought I could count on, disappeared without a word.  Any plans we had went unanswered.  It sucks cause it just feels like more of the rejection and abandonment  I feel from my family.  They believe its okay to just not say a word and ignore a person, even when they have an issue rather than talking about it and finding out what is wrong.  Whatever happened to plain and simple communication?

I miss my family and I miss my friend.  Things just hurt right now, a lot.  I want to get over it and be happy again.  I also want to feel like I have a family and friends I can count on when I need them.  And as depressing as I might be right this moment to be around, I need someone to talk to even if they don’t want to hear it.  I’m trying to be okay with the rejection but it hurts.  It just re-enforces the ideas in my head of not to count on or depend on others, because for the most part they aren’t there when you need them the most.


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