Listening to Fate

Fate has a way of making itself known when the time is right for certain things to happen in your life.  Take the issue with my husband.  He turned down an offer from his current job to move to Pittsburgh because the offer just was not right.  And since then he has had two job offers to move to the same city.  While neither of us completely liked the city, there was an area of it, we did like.  The first job offer we would not have been able to live in that location nor was the living nowhere even comparable to what we have now and would have been a huge sacrifice.  I was happy he turned it down.  But apparently it is possible we are supposed to move to Pittsburgh since the job offers keep popping up for the same city and each one is getting better and better.  While I am not happy about the weather there, I can be ok with moving there if all the needs we have are met and while he does not have this job as of yet, it is possible for this one might actually meet our needs.  Fate seems to be trying to tell us something, so I am listening.  It will be a chance for growth and while I love Denver, maybe it is time once again to try a new place.  My husband has never lived anywhere else and if we want to move over to Europe one day, it would be good for both of us to learn about adapting to a new place and new environment.  I must admit I am pretty tired of moving and was looking forward to calling a place home for a while but this could still be good.  We are making sure we still get a dog, so I am happy that is one sacrifice we are not giving up.  The only thing that will suck is the fact, we just bought new gym memberships and will have to lose those cause Pittsburgh does not have any of the gyms there.  I hope we find out soon cause I was just getting ready to buy an Art Museum membership which is also non-refundable.  So anyway, I guess it is all a wait and see right this moment but it was good to hear the hopeful excitement back in his voice today, so I actually hope it happens cause I think it is something he needs now.  I do hope he can negotiate to keep his four-day work week,  it is nice have three days to take weekend trips.


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