Awareness is Returning

I started yoga a few weeks ago and have been amazed at the difference in the feelings of awareness that I had begun to experience.  Today was the best one yet and the stretching feeling in my muscles and body is awesome.  Camel no longer feels like I am going to panic, instead it beginning to feel like a friend.  I can feel the tension being released from my body as I learn to let muscles that I don’t normally relax, fall away and just let things go.  It’s strange how we come to believe that if we release the tension we will fall and just go flat.  I wondered why we ever learned to stop trusting and listening to ourself.  Why we stop being aware of us and the world around us. 

It’s that feeling that I have been missing.  The one where I could just sit somewhere out in nature and watch the birds fly and listen to the sounds around me, feel the breezes on my skin, and the sun warm on my head.  Driving used to be such a thrill, I would just turn up the music, feel the world around me, and just go….singing along.  I have that feeling again for the first time in a long time and I am going to work harder to have it all the time again.  It’s the best feeling on earth and life is just good 🙂


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