Practice What You Preach

What is it that some people feel compelled to give out advice that they do not follow?  It all sounds good on paper but you have to stop and wonder what makes them believe that it is okay to give out advice about a subject that they are having issues with and they do not do the action they are telling someone else to do.  It makes you wonder if it is really all that good of advice since the person giving it does not follow it.  Wouldn’t they if it really was good advice? 

So what really gives these people the right to pass around advice that they do not follow?  Do somehow they think of themselves as better than others, in a way that they do not need to follow this advice?  Or do they just believe that they are so perfect with absolutely no problems of their own that they have no reason or need to follow the advice?

Whatever the reason is, I believe that a whole bunch of people in this world that should follow their own advice and maybe spend just a little more time tending to what is wrong with themselves instead of worrying about what is wrong with me and how they think I should solve my problems and change my ways of thinking.


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