The Complete Package

I’m feeling this deep intense sadness again today.  It seems that once again I am in a relationship with a guy who thinks that he should be with supermodels only.  Where does that leave us ordinary women who are average in looks but still very beautiful women?  We seem to live in a world where even the not so attractive guys believe they should be with supermodels.  I think that my guy is handsome and cute but he is on the same level as I am in the looks department.  I like him and  I find him attractive.  But he is not a supermodel nor does he qualify in that department.  My best friend told me when I started dating this guy, that I was out of his league.  I asked him what did he mean.  He said that you are a beautiful woman who has everything, looks, brains, and personality to go with it all, the complete package, but this guy will never see that.  Unfortunately it looks like he was right.  What is it that makes men where they cannot be attracted to or even like a woman unless she is drop dead gorgeous.  The even stranger part about that, is that percentage of women is so very small and the rest of us are the ones who make up the population. 

I want a guy who is going to love me and think that I am the most beautiful thing in his world.  Even if he does admire other women, he still sees me as beautiful enough to be with him.  I want him to feel like he is a lucky man to have me because my best friend is right.  I am the complete package.  I can fun with the best of them, have a sense of humor, have the looks, am smart and can do ANYTHING that I set my mind to.  I don’t want a guy who feels that he is stuck with leftovers and trash because he could have done better.  I am the best and I want a man who knows that.


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