Love and Happiness

Why is it that we let stupid stuff get in the way of our being happy?  People just start taking their partner for granted, they forget the reasons they are with them in the first place.  Or they let others cloud those feelings, and not going with what they know feels right.  They turn to hiding and lying instead of being open and honest which leads to the other not trusting them.  We let our head get in the way and talk us out of something great until our partner finally gives up on us because they do not know what else to do. 

I don’t want that.  I don’t want the relationship that I come to take for granted.  I have learned from the bad in the past that you have to continue to love, respect, and show the other that you care and love them.  It’s those little things that you can do:  write a love letter, find a song that reminds you of them, show up with flowers or their favorite candy for no reason other than you wanted to, make their favorite food, make sure they have the things they need, or just snuggle with them at night.  So much of that goes missing when people begin to just assume and forget the romance and the little things.  Or the bad just keeps getting in the way. 

Sometimes I wish that I could forget everything and just start over, but life doesn’t work that way.  I can’t run from what is going on, I just have to try and figure out a way for life to be better.  I want nothing more in this world more than happiness and to feel loved unconditionally.  I realize that the only love that is completely unconditional is that of a dog’s but people are capable of better.  I have experienced for a moment in time.  We all have some expectations and conditions but there is no need for anger, blame, and constant turmoil.  Love is supposed to be kind, loving, and happier.


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