Hope and Happiness

I learned in my psychology class that humans are predisposed to be unhappy in that we have more primary emotions that are unhappy rather than happy.  It makes sense, since humans seem to thrive off being unhappy rather than being happy.  Logically that makes perfect sense to me.  It always has amazed me how people who really have nothing to worry about still do and although they are unhappy, they look for reasons to stay that way.  Personally I cannot do it.  I loved the feelings of being happy and in love with life.  I thrive from it!  My life was alive and my creative side cannot be stopped. 

I am looking forward to that feeling returning.  Sometimes it is hard not to get my hopes up, I try not to let that happen because I hate the letdown when it does not happen.  Instead of am looking at the reality and still continuing to move forward.  I feel the happiness bubbly slowly to the top.  Christmas is coming and this is the first one that I am having so much fun with and looking forward to the new year.  I am ready for this year to be over and to start a new one with a fresh start and lease on life.


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