Day of Sadness

Today was a day of deep intense sadness for me.  I was looking back over the past at a few defining moments in time where someone had a very large negative impact on my life as well as others.  I was amazed at the vast amount of collateral damage that was caused so carelessly by another.  I lost my fairytale relationship and boyfriend in that moment, my best friend, a friend who felt like a brother to me, and my trust in people.  My boyfriend lost his two best friends, the group he used to hang out with, and his faith and trust in me.  All that lost just because of someone feeling like they have a right to destroy people’s lives at their whim.  It caused so much pain and hurt, some of which I am not sure if I will ever be over completely.  It used to make me angry, feel hurt all the time, and upset.  Now it just brings out this intense sadness over what was lost.  I don’t know that I will ever understand what makes people believe that they have the right to do such careless, horrible things to others without any good reasons at all.  Even with a good reason I’m not sure that I can understand it but here there was no cause for it except for a fit of jealousy.  It is just a sad day!


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