Courage to Embrace Change

~Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.  ~Raymond Lindquist

Embracing change is sometimes one of the hardest things to do in life.  I thought that change scared me to death and I was a person who did not enjoy change.  But I am beginning to look back at my life and see where I have been and where I have gotten to, I realize that I am not really all that scared of change.  In fact it looks like I do embrace it.  Almost four years ago, I packed up and moved 2,700 miles across the country to a place I had never lived and did not know anyone to start over a new life.  I know that some people would consider that running away but for me it was the only safe and healthy way to be able to have a new life.  I did get tired of the change of moving for a bit, with faces and places always changing.  And I did stuck for about  the last year while I was getting my head into a healthy state of mind.  But now I am finally getting there and I can feel myself getting a little more excited each day to see what the future is going to hold.  I’m not sure exactly how it all is going to come together but the pieces seem to be slowly falling into place.  I just have to keep going and not let the little things get into the way.  I have to keep up my courage to keep moving forward.


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