Dealing With the Demons

It is so hard to keep the demons at bay sometimes.  I am working so hard to learn new ways to think but since it is all so new and different when things in my current life get very similar to my old one, it is easy to slip back into those doubts and habits.  I’m getting better everyday at controlling them, I just wish sometimes there were less similarities it would make things so much easier.  I really want a healthy lifestyle where I am happy and cared for.  Learning to take care of myself after so many years of me putting myself last and taking care of everyone else is a hard thing to do.  It does make it easier for me when the people around me are helping take care of me because then it helps me to learn how to do it myself.  I learn all that I can on my own by researching things, but I have found the taking care of yourself thing is easier to learn through others.  It’s kind of weird when I wasn’t taught how to do it at home growing up.  But I am determined to figure it out!


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