Acceptance of My Journey

Sometimes I wonder why I should continue down this path, it would be easier to follow another.  It is a path filled with growing, changing, and heart-break.  There have been huge break throughs, rainbows, and sunshine along it as well.  I look back along it to the beginning and realize that I am right where I am supposed to be.  The signs have all led me to here, this time, this place is it.  I do not know where the path will continue from here but I am fully ready to continue to follow it to where ever it goes. 

Acceptance is understanding that I am right where I should be.  I am on this journey to learn something or teach something to someone, I am not sure which, maybe it is both.  But I am also accepting that I have done all that I can and now I have to step back and see where all the hard work lands me.  I am sure that I will have days that I forget this and have to be reminded because I know myself and I have a hard time stepping back and not continuing to offer a helping hand.  I tend to be an over archiver and do not feel like the task is over until the goal is reached.  But this goal can only be reached with me letting go and understanding that my work .

Today I am inspired by the love and acceptance of a group of strong women.  I draw from that strength and love as I look within myself to find the strength, love, and acceptance to continue on this path.  Today I am inspired to work harder on loving myself and continuing to make myself into a more whole person.  Today I am inspired to create something although I am not sure what it will be.  Today is about me.


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