Fear Of The Past

I’m having a problem letting go of the past this time.  I’m trying so hard to be ok with things and where they are, but the past repeated problems keep weighing so heavily on me.  I know that I am letting fear rule my life and that is not a good thing, but I really am having a problem this time.  Sometimes I feel like the only solution is to walk away and start over with someone fresh.  But that is just running away.  I’m just afraid to trust completely again that this time it’s for real.  It’s hard when you’ve heard that statement all of your life and no one ever really means it.  “It won’t happen again and things will be better”, usually only means until the next time it happens.  I believe in my heart this time is different and know that there will be some difficulties here and there along the way, no one is prefect.  I want to let myself go and just believe and trust in it, the way I did once before.  But I really do believe it is changing for the better, but how do I get past this fear and trust that it is not going to happen again?


2 thoughts on “Fear Of The Past

  1. I don’t know exactly how you feel, but I have struggled with similar thoughts before. I heard something yesterday that was very encouraging. The only thing that can counteract fear is faith. When you find yourself battling fear, you must find something to have faith in and hold onto that. I hope you find a way to trust again and that life starts blowing you lots of kisses.

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