Warring Within My Head

My psychology class had a quiz today to decide which side of the brain dominates me.  The problem with me is that I have always been at war with myself because I use both sides almost equally.  It causes a tug of war in me a lot because I have to decide which approach will be the best one and it doesn’t always work out.  I am working on trying to figure out a way to find balance between the two but so far no luck.  Depending on what day it is, one will be just a little more in control then the other and that is how my entire day will be handled.  A feeling day means my right side is in control, a day spent in my head means my left has complete control.  I have lived in my head for so long as a coping mechanism, I am still learning to control the feeling side.  Some days my feelings will just overwhelm me and get the better of me.  Some people like to say I have a split personality but really I don’t, it’s just me trying to find the balance between the two halves of my brain.  For me to be a whole and healthy person, I need to find that balance.


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