Loving and Caring For Myself

One of the best times in my life happened when I decided to stop putting myself last and to take complete care of me.  I was confident, happy, and while I had bad days I tried not to let them get me down.  I might cry a little or get mad but I bounced back very quickly.  I had excepted my weight and the fact that I would never look like a supermodel.  But I could look and feel as good as I wanted to.  It gave me the best attitude when I accepted all these things, I walked with my head held high and like I was as pretty and awesome as any other person out there for the first time in my life.  It felt great, I loved that time in my life and I miss it.  I let life get in the way and take it away from me.  My fault for letting what other people thought and said get to me.  It unfortunately is a bad habit for me, one I am trying to break.  I have spent my life with people telling me I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough, sexy enough, or whatever they felt I wasn’t enough of.  And because of having heard that since I was a kid, I believed it all.  Because of that habit I allowed it to happen again.   Well I am working hard to get that happiness and confidence back.  I liked that girl a lot, she was cheerful, always herself, took care of herself (and others), was beautiful, and happy with herself and life.  Life was good!  I put a lot of thought into that today and I am going to get that girl back.  I deserve to have the life that made me happy and everything that goes along with it and I am going to have it, own it, and live it.  I’m sure there will be bad days along the way where I let things get to me but I am going to try my hardest to make those days happen less often and let myself be that happy, beautiful person again.


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