New Way of Thinking

I struggle daily with replacing my old negative thoughts with new positive ones.  After being told such untrue things about myself for so long, I had learned to believe them.  I realize now they are not true, things like having a few extra pounds on me does not make me so ugly and unattractive that no one wants me or loves me.  That I am not good at anything or other thoughts that have also been brought on by the bad behaviors of others in my life, such as lying all the time, cheating, and just plan ugliness.  I am learning to try to think up a positive thought every time a bad one enters my head.  It is hard sometimes because it is easier to slip into that way of thinking after doing it for so long.  I am learning to love myself completely and forgive myself for things I have blamed myself for so long whether they were thoughts put there by me or by others.  There are some sayings from The Wise Heart by Jack Kornfield that I keep in mind.

May I love myself just as I am.

May I sense my worthiness and well-being.

May I trust this world.

May I hold myself in compassion.

May I meet the suffering and ignorance of others with compassion.


4 thoughts on “New Way of Thinking

  1. Your words are full and rich. Thank you for sharing your essence. I affirm for us both that we are valuable, beautiful, talented, and compassionate with self and others. I am grateful to be in such a awesome group with you, stretching and blossoming into gorgeous. With all my support, Val

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