Blue with Teddy

Somedays I still feel lost, like I missed a turn somewhere along the way and have to turn around and find it.  It is times like these that I have to stop and find a way to connect again, find my balance.  I have missed my dogs so much lately, they always used to keep me centered.  My Patrick would lean up against me while we sat on the steps and I would be my arm him and talk to him about what ever was bothering me.  I miss that warm fuzzy redheaded dog.  I can only hope that he is happy, bouncing and chasing birds off in an awesome doggy heaven.  And Blue my protector, would just give me a big kiss and look at me with eyes saying, “Mom, it’s all gonna be ok.”  They were there with me through all the bad stuff and help to make things be alright, sometimes even when they always were not.  Life is getting to be better here, I am getting healthier everyday.  I still have days I feel so lost but I do feel like I am beginning to find my way.


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